Beach Bags: The Summer Tote Bag Arrives

The summer vacation period has finally arrived! Longing for the sea, sun, and long baths until sunset! With the arrival of summer, the hunt for beach bags begins! The colorful and capacious tote bag enough to contain what you need to spend a carefree day of pure fun!

This is why it is essential to go to the beach equipped, and you don't need to be a suntan enthusiast to know how important it is to choose the right beach bag. Bath towels, sunscreen, spare swimsuits, a bottle of water, beach toys for the kids. These are just some of the more common things that beach bags can hold.

Spacious but also colorful and fashionable, beach bags must also satisfy this type of need. Over the years, they have become true fashion accessories that offer precise seasonal trends.

Beach bags are the right accessory for all ages

We must dispel the belief that beach bags are used only by older ladies or by mothers who take their children to the sea. In recent years it has become a very popular accessory even for younger girls who like to spend their days at the beach with friends.

Having become a fashionable accessory, it becomes an integral part of summer clothing. A touch of color that enlivens a dress or something to combine with the shades and fantasy of the cover-up for a truly chic kit! And it doesn't end here.

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We Have found the 5 Towels that are Hitting it on the Beaches

First it was the XXL floating and now the funniest trend towels of the moment arrive. The most classic towels have passed away and the beaches are flooded with round towels, with fun prints, with original shapes... If you want to rock it on the beach (and on Instagram) here is the coolest beach towels of the moment.

Round towels, the "hit" of the summer

Round towels are the best. They come in very fun, cheerful designs with trendy prints. The best thing about these towels is that they are quite large and multipurpose : you can use them as a beach towel, a pareo, as a picnic tablecloth, to do yoga on the beach ...

Towels with fun shapes

With these towels you will be the star of the beach and of Instagram. These are large-size towels with super original and cheerful shapes. They are perfect to combine with your trendy float. The most successful are those with designs with fruit or food. Do you dare with them?

Mandala towels

The towels mandala pattern are perfect for a touch boho in your looks. The geometric figures and the colors of the mandala are used for relaxation therapies, so they will add a zen touch to your vacation on the beach.

Sarong style towels

These towels are very useful since you can use them as a simple beach / a pool towel or as a sarong. Their lightness makes them perfect to take them anywhere without taking up much space. In an addition, sarongs can be worn in thousand different ways: as a dress, a skirt, tied around the neck ...

Beach towels with original prints

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The Ideal Beach Towels: Tips and Tricks

This weekend, temperatures soar to tropical heights. And that makes us very happy because that means sun, sea, and beach.

How do you choose the ideal beach towel?

Of course, we do not forget our beach towels. Where else are we so wonderfully sunbathing? Do you still need a beach towel? Then we have a few tips & tricks for you to choose the ideal beach towel! Just ask yourself the following seven questions and find the ideal beach towels in no time!

How beautiful is the beach towel?

Let’s face it, we all look first at appearance. After all, the eye also wants something. So feel free to scroll through all the pictures online and see which beach towel catches your attention.

How does the beach towel match?

Okay, the beach towel is nice, but does it also match with your bikini or bathing suit? For example, if you have a red bathing suit, you may not have to go for that one pink beach towel. You are safest with a solid neutral color, such as gray or black. Although the colored variants are a lot more cheerful. Hmm, maybe it is best to buy black, gray or white swimwear because it goes with all the beach towels! Also, fixed again.

How soft is the beach towel?

Not only the appearance is important, but also the interior. Therefore, make sure to check what the beach towel is made of. Do you want a wonderfully soft beach towel? Then choose soft velor cotton. Sometimes this costs a little more, but a beach towel that feels like sandpaper is also nothing.

How fast does the beach towel dry?

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Beach towel: how to choose?

Know the advantages of having one and how to get the model right!

Guys, the beach towel is ideal for taking to the beach and a pool, because it will absorb a lot of water and be resistant to chlorine or salt without fading or shrinking, see? And the good thing is that it has models of various fabrics to choose from! But do you know which a type is right for you? Come with me and I'll help you decide!

Why have a beach towel?

Look, the beach towel is bigger than a bath towel and thicker too, okay? This makes it more difficult to leaves the place when you stretch it on the sand, a beach chair or by the pool. In an addition, it needs to be more fluffy and velvety for the time you lie on it make you very comfortable! Liked it!

In addition, the beach towel is made to absorb water several times and dry very quickly!

And want more? These towels are usually very cool, colorful and with beautiful prints, both in the adult and children's model!

But that's not all, huh! Besides beauty and being very practical, the fabric makes a difference! Look that:


Looks, a microfiber is a lightweight synthetic fabric, it last a long time and still has a little volume in your travel bag or a beach bag, see? Another advantage of it is drying even faster!

If you are looking for towels that absorb even more water and dry very quickly, invest in super absorbent types, which are those with a technology to dry up to 5 times the amount of water of the common and be practically dry afterwards. Oh yes!


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5 Tricks to Soften And Keep Towels Without Drying

It is no longer a mystery to most people that your towels become wonderfully soft in the dryer, but what if you don't have a dryer? With these five tips, your towels will stay soft without using the dryer.

1. Buy good quality towels

Maybe a cliché, but good quality towels actually last longer and stay soft for longer. Make sure you buy towels that are made entirely of cotton and have a nice thick fabric.

2. Do not iron

Ironing may soften your towels a bit, but the heat will damage the fibers. As a result, the towels will absorb water less well, so that they dry less well, wear out faster and therefore remain soft for less time.

3. Dry them outside on the clothesline

Let your towels fly on the clothesline outside in the wind. It costs nothing and you get the fresh scent from outside for free. The wind makes the towels softer than when they are hanging still on a rack.

4. A solution of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water

Before putting your towels in the washing machine, put your towels in a bowl of cold water and add a squeeze of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Don't worry about the smell, it will disappear as soon as you wash the towels in the washing machine.

5. Storage

Turn your towels out again before putting them away. Make sure they are stored 'smoothly and airily'. Try to put the towels in the cupboard with some extra space, if they are crammed in the cupboard, not much of the fluffy airiness will remain.